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Advanced Placement and Honors Courses
Most parents and students strive to be well-informed and make appropriate choices regarding all aspects of the high school experience. Many want to investigate the possibilities of enrollment in Honors (H) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Since Tam offers many more courses than any one student can take, it is important to choose wisely.

Carefully consider enrollment in A

To prepare for enrollment in 2017-2018 courses, check the spring 2017 Matrix for informational meeting dates, prerequisites, and entrance test dates. 

Science AP/Honors:  check out this PowerPoint presentation for information about the various electives.

Tam offers the following AP and Honors courses:
  • AP Literature
  • AP Language/Composition
  • AP European History
  • AP US History
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP French
  • AP Spanish
  • AP Studio Art 2D/Drawing/3D
  • AP Biology
  • Advanced Algebra H
  • Geometry H
  • Pre-Calculus H
  • Chemistry H
  • Integrated Science H
  • Theatre Directing H
  • Spanish H
  • Physics H
  • Physiology H
  • Architectural Design H
  • World History H
  • Ceramics H
  • Photo H
  • Draw/Paint H
  • US History H (AIM)


Click here for the Advanced Placement Exam Schedule for 2016.


Last Modified on January 13, 2017