Parking Permits - Students Only


Both the student and parent/guardian need to be present while filling out parking permit application.

Please note: 

  • Once the application is complete, please come to room 107 to pick up your permit. 
  • You will need to bring your current VALID driver’s license to pick up your permit
  • A parking permit DOES NOT guarantee a parking space 
  • Carpool = 3 people or more per vehicle
  • Bring the completed carpool addendum and your valid unrestricted drivers license to pick up your permit when we announce they are ready
  • Carpooling students must have a valid CA drivers license for one year and park in the carpool designated parking only - please note: a restricted drivers license will not be accepted for carpool permits
Information required for application:

  • Car model, color and license plate number
  • Insurance company and policy number 
  • Student's driver's license number. 
  • Indicate if the student's license is restricted (w/in the first year of a driver's license the driver is restricted from having passengers – see issue date on bottom right corner of license) 
  • Student and parent/guardian electronic signatures acknowledging you agree to the parking rules and waivers
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