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Be The Influence (BTI)

 final round logo.png Calling all Tam Parents! We Invite you to . . .
            Be The Influence”
           on Teen Alcohol, Marijuana
  and Other Drug Use

Together with the community coalition Mill Valley AWARE, the Tam High School administration, PTSA, and the Tam High Foundation seek to improve the health, safety and well-being of our community by reducing teen alcohol, marijuana and other drug use, including:
  • Easy access by teens to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs;
  • Parties and gatherings at homes (as well as rented venues such as community centers, hotel rooms, clubs and party buses) involving teen use of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs; 
  • Binge drinking;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs; and
  • Prescription drug abuse.

Statistics show that parents have more influence than they think. 
What can you do as a parent? 

Join Tam's "Be the Influence" (BTI) Campaign
  • Make the BTI Parent Commitment! Make your best efforts to discourage teen alcohol or other drug use by sticking to the simple measures listed in our Commitment. The research is clear that the longer teens "delay" using, the better off they will be as adults - and allowing use at home leads to more use elsewhere. Once you provide the contact information on the BTI Parent Commitment to the Tam PTSA (preferably by signing up online or picking up, filling out and leaving your Commitment form at the office)you will be given access to the BTI Participant List.
  • Use the BTI Participant List to get to know your teen's friends' parents and monitor your teen. The BTI Participant List contains contact information of other Tam BTI parents, including email addresses and cell phone numbers. A link to the Parent Commitment List will be emailed to you after your commitment has been submitted. This link will only be given to other Tam BTI parents.
  • Confirm your teen's whereabouts, level of adult supervision and lack of access to alcohol and other drugs. Get to know your teen's friends' and communicate and network with their parents. Don't hesitate to make those "cold calls" (or use email or text-messaging) to your teen's friends' parents. This is not only useful when your student attends hosted weekend parties and sleepovers, but also during the weekday afternoon hours. 
  • Model the Behavior that You Want to See in Your Teen. Marin's high rates of teen alcohol and drug use mirror adult rates. Remember that your teens are watching you.
  • Just Say "Know": Talk with and listen to your teens. Get educated on the latest research and trends by attending Parent Education events and reading our regular BTI Updates emailed to BTI Parents on a monthly basis. Make use of the timely information and additional resources to start conversations with your teens - and then listen to what they have to say. Stay tuned for updates and newsletters!