Instructional Technology Resources
Chrome store add ons

Google drive quick create-adds an icon that takes you directly to your drive
Google docs quick create-adds an icon that takes you directly to the google tool of choice (ex. Docs, slides etc.)
Google Translate-converts text to any language of choice.
Screencastify-allows you to video whatever you have on your screen while you talk.
Talking Web-select the text and it talks to you!
Just read-takes away all distractions on web pages. No advertisements, all text!
Readline- read selected text word by word
Google dictionary-look up a word by clicking on the icon in your toolbar and it will give you the definition.
Move it- gives you and your students a task to complete while giving your brain a break.
Flubarooadd on-used to grade google forms and give immediate feedback. ( This type of add on will only be visible when you open google sheets by clicking on the Add Ons in the drop down menu since it is only used in google sheets).
Chrome Applications
Padlet is a chrome application that allows the user to collaborate as if you are on a piece of paper. You can add images, text, videos etc.
Text to Speech- create voice from text or from your google drive files
Web based student response tools
SocrativeTeachers can assess  students formatively independently or in groups
Quiz SocketStudent response tool where class discussion can take place and teachers can control pace to ensure all student answer questions.
GoFormative-create online assessments, classwork or homework
Flipgrid- further student classroom conversations and discussions in a fun and interactive way. 
Web based interactive tools
Canva- An easy tool to create blogs, cards, presentations, posters, social media post and more.
Remind- A third party site used to text messages to groups of people without using your phone or revealing a cell #. Send messages to your classes, parents or a group of colleagues
Edublogs, Wordpress, Blogger-students create blogs to share information with the larger community
Thinglinkembed images to tell a story by adding buttons and text
Remind-send out text messages using a web based application that doesn’t involve your cell phone number
Kahoot- Create quizzes and surveys to get student data on learning in a fun and interactive manner
Quizlet- Great review tool for students, recently added an interactive review game option.
Popplet- make mindmaps of information gathered and have students synthesize information to demonstrate their understanding

Interactive Video Tools

Playposit (formerly Educanon)-upload videos from youtube and embed questions. Easily evaluate student responses.

Content Specific Resources

EdTechTeacher- Technology resources and tools for teachers that have been organized by academic subjects, topics, and learning activity.

International Society for Technology In Education (ISTE)