Instructional Coaching
Instructional coaches will partner with educators to reflect upon, deepen, and broaden their instructional practices. As a result, our students will master core competences while increasing opportunities for learning and narrowing the achievement gaps.
Requested Areas of Need
  • Equity-Based Approaches to Classroom Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Technology Integration
  • Inclusive Classroom Cultures
  • Curriculum Development Aligned to Content Standards
  • Assessing for Learning
Areas of Support
  • Strategies to increase student engagement
  • Equitable questioning strategies
  • Grouping strategies around participation
  • Using technology to facilitate feedback
  • Literacy strategies
  • Differentiation & differentiated projects
  • Grading practices
  • Culturally-relevant pedagogy
  • AW support that targets equity
  • Tracking and monitoring student growth
  • Examining equitable practices