Mathematics Course Info:

The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses designed to meet each student’s needs and ability. The courses offered include college preparatory courses and advanced placement courses:


  • Algebra Foundations (focus on the math foundations needed for success in Algebra)
  • Algebra (High School Algebra that starts at Systems of Equations)
  • Geometry A (Full year Geometry course with hands on focus and minimal emphasis on proofs)
  • Geometry (Full year Common Core Geometry course)
  • Intermediate Algebra (2nd year UC Algebra course for non-math/science pathway)
  • Advanced Algebra (2nd year UC Algebra course for Calculus pathway)
  • Trigonometry/Statistics (One semester of Trigonometry and one semester of Statistics)
  • Trigonometry (One semester of Trigonometry)
  • Statistics (One semester of Statistics)
  • Pre-Calculus (Complete Trigonometry and Introduction to concepts needed for Calculus)
  • AP Calculus (Advanced Placement College level Calculus course)
  • AP Statistics (Advanced Placement College level Statistics course)


Students must earn a C- or better in the prerequisite course in order to move on in math the following school year.